Don’t just take our word for it that folk clubs are vital to the future of grassroots folk.

“Folk clubs do everything they can to encourage new voices.”

“Quite simply, if it weren’t for the policy of a national folk club scene booking guests, it probably wouldn’t have occurred to me that I might try my hand at being a professional musician…”

“Guest-booking folk clubs and venues bring fantastic live music to the public in an intimate and inclusive setting. It opens up our scene to those who would not brand themselves ‘folkies’ in a way that singing and tune sessions simply cannot.”

“Folk clubs are still the heart of the folk music scene, where young musicians learn their trade & where the audiences meet their heroes.”


“For me nothing currently replaces a great live gig, either as a player or listener. I can get a lot from listening to recorded music but I’ve never said, “Wow, I still remember that night when I sat in with a bottle of red and felt the magic of whoever.’ Sure, it can be good, but it’s just not the same experience that the atmosphere and buzz a great night of live music produces. If I leave a venue with a smile on my face, that feeling can last for a couple of days. It’s addictive too and makes you want to repeat the experience. It’s one reason why artists go on performing and live music fans keep on going. I guess this is what Folk21 is all about. Maintaining clubs that give both performers and punters a place to share a unique moment. And it can be unique. It’s not easy promoting. It’s tough running a venue and sometimes it’s frustrating for performers and organisers alike. I’ve travelled through every kind of difficulty to make a gig but when it works everyone realises why we do it.” – MARTIN FITZGIBBON (Jigantics)